Welcome to Bridging the Past. We help genealogists connect to their ancestors, with an emphasis on colonial New England, by sharing with them information about the lives of their ancestors. What did they eat? What did they wear? What was a typical day like? Did your ancestor fight in a war? What was life like for that ancestor, and for the loved ones he left at home? Why did they move? Was it part of a larger movement? By answering these questions, and many more, you can bring your ancestors to life and feel closer to them.

We design talks to answer these questions and give genealogists the tools and resources to use social history to personally connect with their ancestors so they are more than names, dates and places on a piece of paper. Contact us to set up a talk for your group.

Check out our blog to get ideas and learn about methods to incorporate social and historical context into your genealogical research. Find out about online resources that can help you place your ancestors in social and historical context.

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