The Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans

I was in New Orleans for a business trip and took some time to visit the Pharmacy Museum. The museum is the first pharmacy whose owner passed the new licensing exams in the early 1800s. The best part about the museum was all of the information it had about illnesses, treatments and displays of medical instruments.

I love looking at all the old bottles. Many of them still had some of the original medicine left in them.


I found the information on injections and syringes especially fascinating. I had no idea that they have been around for about 2000 years. These pictures show the wide variety of instruments that were used.



This was another display that had to do with bloodletting, in order to balance the humors.


Understanding medicine in various locations and time periods is one of my passions and I will always visit any museums I can find that portray this. What are your passions and your favorite museums?

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2 Responses to The Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans

  1. Gloria Fisher says:

    Have you seen this museum. A chinese pharmacy in John Day Oregon that was left as it was when the pharmacist died, After many yeas it was recently opened a a museum. Packages with chinese drugs, etc.
    Kam Wah Chung Museum – Oregon State Parks and Recreation …
    KAM WAH CHUNG STATE HERITAGE SITE Kam Wah Chung Museum is a must-see for anyone with an in

  2. Dave Robison says:

    And here’s another reason that I’m grateful to have been born in the 20th century! Thanks for putting this up…

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