Are you going to NERGC?

Are you going to the 2o13 New England Regional Genealogical Consortium Conference, usually referred to as NERGC? The conference is held every other year in New England and is a wonderful place to network with other genealogists and to learn about new records and resources for genealogical research, including incorporating social history into your research.

Here is a sampling of talks related to social history:
Special Schedules of the US Census: Embroidery on Your Family Tapestry
Organizing & Dating your Old Photographs
Oyster River Settlement and the Native Peoples
Photographic Treasures: Bringing Your Research into Focus
Catching Threads: Reading the Genealogy in Homemade Artifacts
Workers Unite: Workplace Clues to Place of Origin
A Rural New Hampshire Barter/Cash System in the Mid-19th Century
Loyalist Migrations: Leaving and Returning to the United States
Like Grandma Used to Make: Researching Ancestral Foodways
Indentured Servants in the New England Colonies
Digging up the Dirt on Your Farmer
Broken Threads: Labor in Rhode Island in the 1920s
An Acadian’s Family Story Through Six Generations Following Deportation
Researching A Community
The Symbolism on New England Gravestones: 17th Century to Present
Polish Traditions, Customs and Superstitions
Creating A Family Tapestry: Writing a Family Narrative
Leaving New England: What One Family’s Arc of Migration Can Teach Us All

Looks like there is something here for everyone (plus so many other classes, workshops and networking opportunities). Which classes are you most interested in attending?

One thought on “Are you going to NERGC?

  1. Are you coming to NERGC? Don’t forget to visit with the other genealogy bloggers at the special SIG session on Friday night at 7pm. We’d love to meet you, and talk about blogging, and socialize a bit! I’ll have blogger beads for everyone!

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