2019 Goals

Have you been thinking about what you would like to accomplish in 2019 that is related to family history? Perhaps breaking down a brick wall, or starting research on a new line? Or maybe you want to start writing your own life history? Organizing what you have and bulking up your genealogy skills is another good option. No matter what you choose, writing it down helps you remember and keep you focused.

For that reason I am sharing my 2019 family-history related genealogy goals.

1) Reading more carefully through this 100+ page biography of my gg grandmother Addie (Hannah Adeline Hatch Ison) to truly appreciate her story and find paths of future research I can do to learn more about her life. These include research into the health options available to her to treat a chronic condition and the impact this may have had on her family life, newspaper research, and learning about society and church groups she belonged to. I will finish the transcription of her 100 page handwritten diary I came across in 2017.


2) Review and organize all the land records and other types of records I collected during my trip to Addison County, VT in September of this year and make plans for next steps

3) Continue working on proving (or disproving) my potential Mayflower line.

3) Start my personal history.


What are your goals? Are they written down somewhere?

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