Sharing Family Stories

My aunt and her family were in town for a long weekend. Her sons are 13 and 16 and she wanted them to know some of their family stories. I told them a few, but she was more interested than they were (but they were listening!). I was able to share an article I wrote about our ancestor that will be published in Crossroads (magazine of the Utah Genealogical Society) and a book my mom found in my grandpa’s house about my 2x great grandma. While the boys didn’t get too engaged, she and I had a great conversation and renewed my interest in doing more research and digitizing the books I have to share them with her and other family members.

How do you get family members engaged in learning about their ancestors? What family books/treasures do you have that you can share with others?

2 thoughts on “Sharing Family Stories

  1. I loved that time with you! Just read this today as I was looking for pictures of Annie Mathers. Thank you for sharing your passion of family history with me — you inspire me!!

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